Our Story

Our mission to to motivate and inspire individuals to live healthy lifestyles through fitness and proper eating habits.

BeatBodyz is more than a group, it's a way of life. We motivate and inspire women and men to live healthier by providing fun fitness training and encouraging responsible eating habits.

Located in DeSoto, Texas, we train both women and men that come from all over the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Since 2014, we have grown from offering only personal training to now having a one of the most positive and successful group training offered in North Texas.

BeatBodyz is known for the "2 Week Turnaround", where members can see a dramatic improvement in their body appearance and energy level (as long as they are committed to our fitness routine and advice). We are also are proud to have won "Best Fitness Group" 3 years in a row for the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

We encourage you to join the "BeatBodyz Movement", one that will produce results and have you feeling more energetic and healthier than ever before. To see what we offer, visit our TRAINING PAGE.


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Virtual Training

BeatBodyz is now offering online training. To find out more, visit our VIRTUAL TRAINING PAGE.

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